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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator: Tiny Toy Gladiators

Imagine penguins armed with brass knuckles challenging chickens over supremacy in the bird world. The sworn enemies meet on a rough and snowy battlefield to settle their dispute once and for all. Then all of a sudden a special squad of T-Rex’s comes into play.

And when this chaos with prehistoric lizards and savage, heartless birds couldn’t get any more absurd, the Santa Claus SWAT team appears on the scene to finalize the slaughter.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator specializes in that kind of ridiculous violence.

Every penguin for himself

UEBS is that type of game that allows you to have your own amphitheater and your very own gladiators. The units available include:

  • Giant ogres & Orcs.
  • Dwarfs.
  • Skeleton warriors.
  • Persian Immortal guards.
  • Elven huntresses.
  • Spartans.
  • Giant Cyclops.

And a godlike, undefeatable Lord Penguin.

The idea is to form at least two armies, combined of the above-mentioned units, put them in a location of choice and finally allow them to beat the souls out of each other. If you ever wondered how long medieval knights would last against assault rifles or how many roosters it takes to liquidate a kangaroo – UEBS may share this sacred knowledge with you.

However don’t be fooled by those military aesthetics – the game is not a strategy. Basically, you have two pedals here: Attack/Hold Position orders. And as soon as you have provided your brutal minions with instructions, they will fervently follow them.

When the preparations are finished, sit back, relax and let the slaughter go. A variety of characters allows you to arrange breathtaking epic battles, but let’s be honest it could’ve featured more of them. For example, it would be awesome to have Ronald McDonald or Colonel Sanders (KFC founder) unit models too. So the poor chickens could finally resolve their conflict with those, who produce nuggets. Once and for all.

Possession session

What makes you want to give up on UEBS download though is its graphics. And not because they look and feel overly simplistic – Fortnite is a cartoonish game, but it’s still awesome. No, the biggest issue is the stuttering fps, which becomes absolutely painful to watch when your unit numbers reach 10, 000.

The low-poly structure and character models, however, risk to quickly become an eyesore too. Although it’s hilarious to observe their plastic-like bodies getting disintegrated and absurdity becomes even more tangible when you notice that the shade effects are almost nonexistent in UEBS. It makes an illusion that the chubby penguin bodies are levitating in the air.

Most of the time you’ll be present in the game as merely a spectator. The cinematic mode allows you to watch the picture of death and chaos you’ve crafted manually from any angle.

But if you are curious about what it feels like to be one of those low-poly gladiators – Possession mod will come to the rescue! You can take control of any unit amidst the battle, but the joy value from doing so is dubious: the combat mechanics are very undercooked in UEBS.

Besides no competitive multiplayer is available at the moment.

Mama’s little Nero

UEBS download costs $14,99 on Steam. And it should be mentioned that the game could be worth every penny from that price-tag if it wasn’t for… all the complaints mentioned above.

Seriously: absent battle mechanics, no room for strategizing, no unlockable content, regular events, campaigns and so on prove only one thing: UEBS is quite raw yet.

Nonetheless, the goofy sense of humor and gut-busting battles that you can architect in it can be very captivating.  

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a gladiator. Give it thumbs up or thumbs down like Nero. It’s up to you if the game lives or dies.

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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator: Here Comes Ragnarok

They used to say that Chuck Norris is the toughest human being on Earth. Or maybe In Solar system/Galaxy etc. This meme may feel a bit outdated and antique, to be honest. But you can check if it’s valid or not by opposing Mr. Chunk Norris solo against a swarm of homicidal penguins.

In Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator you can do this and even more. Whatever your cruel fantasy is capable of.

What it’s all about?

UEBS game is a simulator of massive battles. Not just very considerable brawls, but very, very big outbursts of violence among variously armed fractions. That hate each other’s guts of course.

The catch of the gameplay is to build a number of armies, using the units available. You can draft:

  • Persians, Romans, and Spartans.
  • Ogres and Orcs.
  • Kangaroos and tortoises.
  • Zombies and Nazis (too bad no Nazi zombies).
  • Catapults, archers and cavalry.

And so forth.

After the deed is done and your soldiers are hollering impatiently, you may signal for them to begin the epic carnage. However, you cannot directly control the armies. In the Set-up Menu, you can only choose what every single troop can do: either defend their position or rush into the attack.

With those simple orders and a correctly chosen landscape: Avalanche Canyon, World of Thieves, Modern City, Volcano, etc. Every map has its own tactical nuances, which may lead to the destruction of an army deployed in a bad position.

Once the battle goes off, you can observe your masterpiece of a mass butchery in the cinematic mode. It needs to be mentioned that the sound effects of UEBS are quite atmospheric: yells of anger, shrieks of pain, swords clashing and firearms banging construct a nice deadly tone.

The bigger the army, the slower it moves

Similar to a perpetrator busted by a police patrol, UEBS frame-rate freezes unavoidably. Especially this drawback becomes visible when you set a high number of units: 30, 000-40, 000 warriors. Simultaneously the combat animations & physics are pretty bland and insipid.

The UEBS world itself is quite low-textured too, although it’s not devoid of some prettiness. For instance, Avalanche Canyon map has its own rough northern showy charm – it is definitely a perfect battle arena for a mini-Ragnarok to begin.

If at some point you feel inspired enough and the call of battle will be hard to ignore, you can join the combat just like Odin or Mars, who were known for their passion of fighting side by side with the mere mortals. It is possible through the Possession feature. However, it has its own imperfections: the character you manipulate feels like a wooden mannequin.

Plus limited HP and battle-arena conditions won’t let you last for too long. Sigh…


Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator has the potential for being truly epic. Watching multitudes of frenzied soldiers, ogres and chickens trying to tear each other apart can be addictive, adorable and just priceless.

At the same time, the gameplay desperately needs some variations. For instance, mods that require careful tactical thinking would be a nice addition. And unlockable units & content could add some extra intrigue to the concept of UEBS. Let alone adequate multiplayer is something that is unjustly neglected here.

Unless we see more content and bugs & glitches getting fixed, UEBS risks staying another novelty game, which like bubble-gum loses its taste quickly.

The Good

  • Big army battles.
  • A variety of characters.
  • Possession.

The Bad

  • Limited number of locations.
  • Poor graphics and frame-rate.
  • Meager content.

If you enjoy designing survival battles – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is your absolute go-to.

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