Once upon a time for maintenance and repair of space stations were created drones. They soon began to “be available” to themselves and began to produce new machines.

When army drones began to threaten the well-being of the Earth, it was decided to destroy it. This used space ships armed with blasters. One of them you have to manage…

Gameplay and controls
Deep story in “shooter-flying” Photon Strike for Android no, it is not needed in such dynamic projects. The main thing here – agility and instant reaction. The player has one goal – to break through the enemy’s formation to the next level, destroying as many fighting units of the enemy.

Completing the level takes about two minutes of fierce fighting. The enemy is attacking several types of ships. Each of them has its own strategy of attack – some rush to intercept, attack other systems, others prefer to circle around, waiting for the opportune moment to attack.

The player is required one thing – to destroy the maximum number of adversaries, shooting at them with their powerful guns. It would seem that the gameplay couldn’t be simpler, and the result is a very addictive arcade game. Control ship space shooter Photon Strike occurs with a single touch on the screen. Tapaya on the ship, the player activates at the same time and shooting.

Game currency, upgrades, and bonuses
The latter is one of the most important roles. No bonuses to defense and weapons play is extremely difficult. You can get them after the destruction of the enemy ship. Game currency in the form of blue triangles is produced in the same way. It is necessary to upgrade the ship with 4 parameters. To do the upgrades necessary – this is the only way to be able to move the ship to any point on the screen and use more powerful weapons.

In the background of games with a huge amount of advertising, Photon Strike is more than worthy! Commercials during gameplay will not be at all. But given the opportunity to earn game currency by watching ads. Implemented it gracefully – after the failure of the level a player is offered two options: take the win or double it by agreeing to viewing ads.

Photon Strike, despite its apparent simplicity, carries no joke! Easy one-touch controls, stunningly realistic graphics, exciting and dynamic gameplay, nice soundtrack – scrolling shooter certainly worthy of the attention of lovers of games on the reaction and speed.

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