Mysterious world, unique characters, dangerous foes, full story story – all this, and more awaits you in a new RPG-game called Shadow Quest from the publisher Nova Games.

According to legend, the Kingdom was on the brink of its existence because of continuing racial wars. The situation became complicated when the resulting horror was something demonic. The shadows – was named as the most dangerous enemy of the Kingdom, which can easily destroy and infect all living things. Their appearance leads to the fact that in the magical world starts another war. Perhaps the last one.

The player is invited to take all the responsibility for saving the Kingdom itself. Now you pocestny member of an Ancient Order, who takes command of a squad of heroes. Objective – to understand the origin of the Shadow and destroy them all.

Initially each player has 4 heroes. Each character has a racial (human, demon) and class (tank, fighter, healer) identity. He has a unique set of characteristics, peculiarities and abilities. The hero can strengthen the various objects, artifacts, and through a systematic “flow” level.

As you progress through the story in your team will add new heroes. The battle can only take four, and that means you have the agility in dealing with demonic (and not only) villains. It correctly selected the Quartet of characters helps to easily win and earn valuable rewards.

Separately want to say about the combat mechanics. After the beginning of the quest you are sent to a particular location. For example, in the dungeon. Locations Shadow Quest is presented in the form of cells that you want to go. Behind them can hide an enemy, trap, treasure, or nothing at all.

After “falling” into a cell with enemy starts the battle, which involved 4 your hero. Much depends on their position. Most vulnerable is the center of the front row. But, most importantly, the position depends on the type of action in combat. In the game there are 3 – damage, blockage and treatment. For example, to treat only the character who is behind all. Such nuances of weight, will deal with them along the way.

Each Chapter of the story ends with a battle against an epic boss. In addition, if successful, you will receive valuable rewards.

Game Shadow Quest was created on a modern engine Unity, because visually it looks brilliant! In the main window you can see the vast lands of the Kingdom, as well as buttons to go to the camp, inventory, city, or settings. By the way, the city gives you a lot of additional functions, because it is a shop, a smithy, a temple, storage, and training room.

The disadvantage of this project can be called a kind of the linearity of the plot – you must pass the chapters one by one, without much freedom. However, the plot is very interesting and unpredictable, which fully compensates for its linearity.

Shadow Quest for Android in its depth is comparable to modern video games. It makes you think, finding the optimum strategy to balance the skills and characteristics of heroes, to develop different fighting styles for different opponents. Not to mention the crafting, leveling and a HUGE amount of in-game content. Perfect for fans of RPG and strategy.

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