Smashy Duo Smashy Duo – one of those games, “catchy” from the beginning. You need only two touches, but their efficiency is surprising and encouraging.

Perhaps it’s reinvented “Pong”, in which maximum use is sensitive screens of modern mobile gadgets. The toy is so breakneck pace that it is almost impossible not to “bite” a cavalcade of wonderful stuff.

In Smashy Duo you need to control two different characters. Everything as simple – tap left to waved one bat; there to the right to repeated reception of the other. Your main task – to keep the ball in play.

It is noteworthy that the ball doesn’t break blocks, and destroys the face(?) zombies on the other side of the virtual field. You can’t affect the trajectory of the ball, so in the first place all depends on the reaction.

Developers are well thought through motivation to continue. Here’s a new stage, here’s a fun new character, here are a few coins for passage. In addition, the captivating charm of the project. There are a lot of references to pop culture that makes you smile.

Key features Smashy Duo on Android:

  • Dynamic, rich, complex gameplay;
  • Intuitive-simple operation;
  • More than 50 playable characters;
  • 5 upgradable powers;
  • 4 sets of levels and monsters that you can unlock;
  • Great effects and soundtrack;
  • The ability to sync progress on different devices.
  • In Smashy Duo is no depth, but has everything to make you come back to the game again and again. It’s simple, but at the same time exciting. The best way to at least briefly escape from the horrors of existence.

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