Games in the genre ” tower defense” a great many. They are all excellent time killer.

Simple game mechanics and controls, perfectly optimized for touch screens, making them attractive to users. Tower Defense Generals TD pleases not only fun gameplay, but excellent 3D graphics.

Gameplay – the good old classics
The strategy adheres to the traditions before us is a classic version of “tower defense”. Action takes place on several levels (until 18). Each level has three difficulty options. You can play them countless times, but only for the first passage difficulty are the stars (in the virtual world, their role gear).

Your task – not give the enemy troops to break through the gate of the base. To do this, along the road, which will advance military equipment of the enemy, you need to place defensive towers. In the strategy of the player is available four types of weapons: ground transportation support, rocket launchers, machine gun turrets and lasers. Weapons can be upgraded.

To choose the position for the towers is impossible. On each level, build defensive buildings are given a certain amount. Theoretically it is enough for three towers of different types: rockets, machine guns and ground transportation. To win, they need to correctly place. Plus project Studio GameSpire – you can find out what kind of weapons the enemy will be thrown to the assault, if you click on the gate of which appears the enemy. This allows to correctly place the towers.

The player can start the next enemy attack, if ready for it.

Generals brave assistants
For enemies hidden Joker – helper in the face of generals. Their strategy three: the bully, which is given to you from the second level for free, sniper, bought for money and a rocket to get it, you must earn 30 stars.

The General, unlike towers, you can control, placing it into the hot spot. But the pump attendant, unfortunately, impossible.

What is the result?
Exaggeration to say that Tower Defense game TD makes a lasting impression and produces a stunning effect. But this is a game that is definitely worth attention. Great optimization, nice graphics and dynamic gameplay can give the user a few hours of fascinating pastime for the passage of this Android Games.

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