Pandemic: the Board game has the distinctive features of any game “Transformemos” series – mechanical fighting, bombing, explosions and quieter shooting.

Developers are not just used recognizable worldwide brand, but were able to create a very complex game of the genre Tower Defence, where you will definitely have to think.

Earth Wars can be called a mixture of the classic game projects Clash of Clans and Starcraft. Strikes and bombings, done at the level of regisry Michael Bay, just make the gameplay more attractive.

Robot base
Regardless of the chosen side of conflict, a lot of gaming time you spend in building and sieges. Using alloy and special Energon online, you need to build and upgrade different types of towers, outposts and walls. Originally always hope that the automated defense system will be enough.

But in fact it does not work. Resources and currency issued by the player immediately after the start, is not so limitless. Because it is very important to correctly design the “basic layout” of future buildings. Game pandemic: the Board game is quite limited in terms of tactical decisions, but for the strategy here very much! Especially if you play without cash infusions.

War and robbery
Approximately half of your time will be to take the attack (Hiking) on enemy settlements. This is required for the extraction of resources and advance the plot. However, the number of such attacks is limited by the amount of fuel.

The battles in the game take place almost automatically. You need to choose a giant cybernetic and pugilists that are sent to the virtual arena. In addition, it is possible to determine the time and type of special moves. All the rest have only watch as Caesar.

The complexity of Transformers: Earth Wars for Android due to the fact that the game has a time limit and the selection of potential locations for the placement of buildings. Sometimes you have to choose one or the other – either increase defense, or the implementation of attacks and robbery. Raids happen quite slowly at first, until you see Transformers with my super powers.

In addition to the story missions, you can invade into the possessions of other players and steal their resources. But here is a clear division – the Autobots can only attack the Decepticons and Vice versa. After some time, you can join the Alliance that will wage wars against other foreign enterprises to obtain more resources.

In General, pandemic: the Board game deserves the attention of not only fans of the original series, but all the admirers of this “endless” strategic toy.

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